My story begins in North Bay, Ontario. I learned early the value of family, friends and characters. As I grew up, I was strongly connected to the Ottawa Valley, where the art of story telling is valued. 

Most of my life has been spent working in the broadcast industry, for CBC, CTV and Global in Canada, and the Nashville Network in the United States. I have studied the craft of production under some of the best in our industry and try to bring it to every project I'm involved in. 

 Music has been an important cornerstone in my life, and I have learned the lessons of creation and collaboration through working with some of our country's most accomplished musicians and entertainers.

My love of cycling has introduced me to many athletes, amateur and professional, who have shown me the skills and discipline needed to be able to work with them as videographer and documentarian. It has also given me the chance to travel the world in this capacity, including two years working as a guide at the Tour de France.

At every turn, I have tried to help others tell their stories and to tell my own.  

It's a labour of love. Present me with your idea and I will help you bring it to life.